At Harper Adams University we use Turnitin as both a plagiarism checker and a way of marking online using the GradeMark service. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding accessing Turnitin for tutors and admins:

  1. What is a drop-in box?

A drop-in box is where students upload their assignments for plagiarism checking and marking.

  1. Where are the drop-in boxes?

Drop-in boxes are specific to each module and can be found on the module’s page on the Learning Hub. You will only be able to access the assignment drop-in box if you have been enrolled on the module as a tutor. If you need access contact the E-Learning team at: elearning@harper-adams.ac.uk.

  1. What is the Submission inbox?

The Submission Inbox contains all of the assignments students have uploaded. It can be accessed by clicking the drop-in box link in the module then selecting the Submissions Inbox tab on the page that opens. Once you have opened the Submissions Inbox you will be able to see which of your students have uploaded, what their originality report score is the grade for that assignment (only if the assignment has been marked online).

  1. Are there any online guides?

Yes, a short video in how to access Turnitin is available via this link. Alternatively, a comprehensive printable version can be downloaded from here (you will need to be logged into the Hub for either to work).

  1. Do I have to use a Harper Adams computer?

No, Turnitin is a service available from anywhere providing you have a Harper Adams University network ID, password and an Internet connection. The speed with which Turnitin operates will vary depending upon the quality of your Internet connection though.

  1. The submission inbox is slow to load – how can I speed it up?

By default Turnitin is set-up to show all users in the submission inbox. The system can be sped up by clicking on the ‘Options’ tab and choosing ‘List only students who have made submissions’ from the Submission List menu. This will reduce the amount of time Turnitin has to spend processing student records.

You can also turn off the Auto Refresh setting by clicking on Options tab and stopping it via the Auto Refresh Grades / Scores menu. This will stop the Turnitin attempting to check for changes by synchronising with the Hub and improve the page loading speed. If you make this change you will need to select the Refresh Submissions tab in the Submissions Inbox if you want to see the most up-to-date records in the drop-in box.

If you want to optimise your set up for speed and are unsure how to do this please make contact with the E-Leaning Team who will be pleased to offer desk-side support.

  1. How do my students know where to get their marks?

Students are shown how to access the Turnitin interface and any available feedback during first year induction sessions. There is an online video guide to accessing feedback on The Learning Hub Good Academic Writing module or via: http://hub.harper-adams.ac.uk/moodle/mod/kalvidres/view.php?id=94971

  1. Can external examiners see the drop-in boxes?

Only if they have a Harper Adams University network ID and have been enrolled on the specific Learning Hub module.

If you need any further information please contact the E-Learning team.


-Carl Kennard

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