Lecture Recordings at Harper Adams University – part 1

Your lecture recording options at Harper Adams University

WHY – the pedagogical reasons
The uploading of PowerPoint files onto your Learning Hub modules in advance of the lecture is good practice and provides a useful baseline provision for all students.
However PowerPoint files on their own do not constitute a free standing learning object as they do not contain the narrative of the ‘story’ of the live event thus often missing important information.

There are several valid reasons why sharing ‘narrated’ PowerPoint files as learning resource would provide extra support to your students, such as
(i) providing opportunities for a flipped classroom teaching approach for more classroom interaction
(ii) creating fully accessible learning material for all learners with the option of including closed captioning/subtitles where possible
(iii) covering a lecture which had to be cancelled by the lecturer due to foreseen (attending an important conference) or unforeseen circumstances (illness/injuries, bad weather, delays in travel, compassionate leave etc.)
(iv) providing a resource for students who missed a lecture through no fault of their own (illness, attending placement interviews, funeral etc.)
(v) assisting international students for whom English is not their first language
(vi) offering some modules/courses in blended learning mode where the students will no always be able to attend face-to-face sessions due to competing work-related commitments.

The options available to you within different scenarios
(i) Creating short media clips (overall length of no more than 10 min.) prior to the classroom event
(ii) Creating full length narrated PowerPoint files ideally prior to (but possibly after) the classroom event
(iii) Recording all or parts of a live class event
(iv) Live streaming  of a class event combined with recording

Subsequent posts will deal with these aspects separately.


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