‘Flipping the Classroom’ – teaching of a different kind: Part 1

flipped-class-image2The traditional (large) classroom-based teaching model tends to take place with the tutor firmly at the centre of the learning process. Students are largely acting as ‘recipients’ of knowledge transfer with limited opportunities for interaction.
After the session classroom learning may be complemented by the provision of online learning resources in a process known as ‘blended learning’.

Several problems have been identified using this particular teaching mode:

  1. Students are likely to have different learning modalities
  2. Students are likely to have different prior knowledge in the subject area
  3. Students may have special learning needs and requirements
  4. Students have different learning skills and levels of engagement
  5. Students may not always be able to attend ‘live’ sessions
  6. Lecturers may not always be available to present these lectures.

The latter two are often unavoidable due to illness, bereavement, attending interviews or annual conferences, or other unexpected events.
Over the past few years an alternative learning model has come to the fore called Flipped Learning or Flipped Classroom whereby the original order of learning events has been reversed:

For a light-hearted overview on how flipped classroom teaching works watch this video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQWvc6qhTds or for a more serious representation this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smBJOhdTI-o

Before embarking on a Flipped Classroom teaching model it is important to consider the following points:




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