Transcontinental Lectures

Here at Harper Adams University we are currently trialling a service called Gotomeeting. This will enable our lecturers to provide more flexible means of delivery. Due to our international connections we have found it necessary to find a platform to provide set teaching hours to non-UK based cohorts. For example; the cost of sending tutors back and forth between the UK and China would be substantial so the eLearning team have trialled the use of video conferencing software. This will allow Harper Adams staff to teach students in China from the comfort of their own office or even home.

Gotomeeting is a hosted, subscription based service. Administrators and teachers schedule online meetings then send invitations to students via email. The students themselves do not require an account, they just go to the website a join by following the instructions.

Our initial testing has been very successful and with only minor glitches we have been able to communicate with colleagues in China using a webcam feed and desktop sharing.

Subject to some additional testing we hope to use the service to broadcast lectures to classrooms in China, starting in September with multiple lecturers. The eLearning team will also be doing a talk on how we have progressed at Harper Adams’ Learning and Teaching Forum – Internal Conference on the 14th September 2015.


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