eLearning Events Beginning September 2015

The Harper Adams eLearning Team can now offer the following staff development opportunities:

Simple module design:
21st September 2015 – 2.30pm

Marking assignments – An introduction to electronic feedback:
23rd September 2015 – 2.30pm

Building Quizzes:
28th September 2015 – 2.30pm

Creative learning objects and sourcing online resources:
8th October 2015 – 2.30pm

Recording your screen and voiceovers:
21st October 2015 – 2.30pm

Flipping the Classroom:
9th November 2015 – 2.30pm

Technology and the classroom:
11th November 2015 – 2.30pm

Social Media and Learning:
25th November 2015 – 2.30pm

Ask eLearning!
Date arranged upon request

For further information please contact a member of the eLearning Team (these sessions are only available to Harper Adams University employees).


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